It’s a hair miracle!

Having very little disposable income I have had to forgo some of my little luxuries, unfortunately this has extended to having my haircut, I haven’t had it cut in about 8 months and usually by now it would be in such bad condition it would get matted really easily be full of split ends and generally look terrible.  However I found this MAGIC formula for keeping my hair looking glossy and healthy with hardly any split ends! What is even better than this is that 250ml cost me £1.40 from my local shop! What is it I hear you cry?! It’s PURE COCONUT OIL!!!

How to get the best benefits from Coconut Oil: Before every shower I heat the bottle containing the oil under a hot running tap to turn the oil from a solid into a liquid, I then rub the oil into the length of my hair focusing particularly on the tips, I then tie my hair up and wait 10 minutes, when I get in the shower I leave my hair till last letting the steam help the oil penetrate my hair I then use my usual hair washing routine and that is all! An easy routine to use every time you wash your hair.

For a more intense treatment I recommend either of the following: rub the oil into hair before bed time and wash out in the morning (the oil will stain your bedsheets though so be warned). Or apply to the hair before hitting the sauna room at the gymnasium (You can use your usual conditioner for this too!) and shampoo and condition afterwards!

Why does coconut oil work so well? The molecular structure of the coconut oil enables it to penetrate inside the hair strands, locking in moisture and preventing protein loss.

Give it a try guys, its cheap and I guarantee your hair will be looking healthier in no time at all!


Love GLG x


Wannabe Wednesday: Retail Therapy & A Lesson in Dyeing!

What an inspiring blog! I will definitely be getting my sewing machine out soon, just need to make a mannequin!


I haven’t been conventional clothes shopping in at least a couple of years.  That’s right!  I’ve gone full-thrift/refashion, and there’s no going back!  🙂

But sometimes I like to scour the interwebs and check out all the cute dresses I could be buying at expensive retailers.  This silk dress by Tory Burch from Saks Fifth Avenue caught my  eye.

Navy and white is one of my favorite color combinations.  It’s a classic that never seems to go out of style.  Tory Burch is known for using really lovely and interesting prints in her designs, but you know what?  So am I!  🙂

I found this dress with a similar print for $1.


This dress is made of polyester.  Polyester is acrylic, and doesn’t take to dye very well at all.  I keep getting emails that ask me about dyeing, and this seems like a good time…

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90’s Trends for people who remember (and hated it) the first time around


Yes it was the worst decade for fashion, yes it is depressing that I ‘remember this the first time around’ and yes I do want to avoid it at all costs, however its been creeping in slowly under the radar for about 5 years now and we are all going to have to give in.  You don’t have to look like a member of Bew*tched or Steps to look on trend.  Here I have the top trends watered down into something that won’t fill you with dread and fear.

1 Ombre – Tie dye/Dip dye was massive in the 90’s, hide your baggy rainbow coloured T-shirt and go for this denim dip dye skater dress from Oasis. £45.00 buy here

2 Plastic Watch – Update your swatch with this May 28 Colour block watch. £25.00 from ASOS buy here

3 The Lace Body Con – Don’t be all Grungy and dirty, go for this classic 90’s body concious style, looks ace with tights and heels if like me you suffer from albino legs. £28.00 from Topshop buy here

4 Striped – You don’t have to look like a member of the Adam’s family to rock this look, this structured jacket will show off your curves and show off your fashion kudos. £32.00 from New Look buy here

5 Neon – Gone are the days of illegal raves, don’t cover yourself in glow sticks! Just add a touch with this stackable bracelets £10.00 from Dorothy Perkins buy here

6 Geometrics – Triangles are massive news so get on this cool necklace £12.50 from Dorothy Perkins buy here

7 Acid Wash Jeans – We all remember THAT matching outfit Justin Timberlake and Britney wore, horrific, while double and triple denim is totally optional you can always opt for these pair of sexy skin tight trousers, they are just the right shade of cool without looking try hard £35.00 from River Island buy here

Hair Trends


Love it or hate it trends of the 90’s is back in fashion, and while no one is running to the hairdressers with a picture of Rachel Green or to boots for some 17 hair mascara the threat is real! Here I have combined some trends that will keep you looking on trend, with a nod to the 90’s without looking like a total knob.  They key trends are:

BIG HAIR – Back comb it, quiff it, fake it with extensions but keep some movement in it.  No crispy bits due to ozone layer piercing hairspray over usage please.

COLOUR- Thank god we don’t have to use shit hair mascara that clumps our hair together any more, hopefully that trend is one that is gone for ever, go natural with 60’s honey beach tones or go bold with pastel shades, or fiery ombre, want something bold but temporary? Why not try Coloursmash hair chalk for £9.99 it looks natural, doesn’t cake or damage hair and washes out.

CUTE QUIFF – Keep it soft and keep it natural, pin up your quiff, pin up the hair at the sides and keep the rest long and wavy.

FISHTAIL BRAIDS – Keep it loose, keep it messy and keep it on the side, ideal for hot summer days, the beach and even a glam night out.

An open letter to Ryan Gosling

Dear Ryan Gosling,

There is nothing about you that would normally attract me and yet from the first time I set my eyes on you I knew you were the man for me.  You have abs to die for, not too muscular, just right.  When you smile in films it makes my ovaries explode, I often fantasise about you coming to my house, making me a cup of tea, giving me a foot massage, surprising me with a basket of cute fluffy kittens that you personally rescued from a burning building and telling me how amazing I am. 

I like it when you are in Drive and you kill people and you make it look sexy, how do you do that?? If that was real life I would jump you right there, I would probably be traumatised but your strong masculine physique would melt away any issues with me just having witnessed a murder.

I cried at  Lars and the real girl, I will be your real girl and I promise I will be more attentive than that doll you shacked up with, and I will put out, but only after you have taken me on several dates and wooed me by picking me up like you did with Emma Stone in Crazy Stupid love.

I literally don’t understand why I love you so much, it blows my mind, this is how I know you are the man for me.

Lots of love GirlLikeGenius x


Summer Of Colour


1  Topshop Seam Waist Shift Dress £50.00 buy here

2 ASOS Rain Mac With Ears £50.00 buy here

3 New Look Turquoise Platform shoes £19.99 buy here

4 Topshop Pushlock Crossbody Bag £35.00 buy here

Get Leggy!!


Springs most affordable fashion, keep your legs warm until the weather warms up with these fashionable socks and tights and pair with some super cute heels for a strong fashion look!

1 House of Holland for Pretty Polly  Zig Zag Tights £15.00

2 Eley Kishimoto Cuboid Socks £27.00

3 Happy Socks Multi Diamond Socks £8.00

4 ASOS White Heart All Over Tights £8.00

5 ASOS Over The Knee Socks £4.00

6 Eley Kishimoto Cat Over The Knee Socks £40.50

7 Gipsy 40 Denier Pastel Tights £7.00

8 Gipsy 100 Denier Tights £3.50

9 Steve Madden Xternal Strap Coral Platform £55.00

10 ASOS HUMBUG Leather Heeled Sandals £75.00

11 ASOS HELTER SKELTER Heeled Sandals £55.00

12 ASOS HEARD Platforms £65.00

All available from


Essential Soap & Glory Products.


I was very sceptical about Soap & Glory products initially, I thought they were style and smell over substance HOW COULD I BE SO WRONG?! I got bought a massive bag of Soap & Glory goodies for Christmas and have been hooked ever since!! These are my favourite goodies.

The Daily Smooth – A delicately scented daily body lotion that will keep you perfectly moisturised all day long,  it makes your skin feel divine!

Heel Genius – Massage into your feet after bathing put on a pair of fluffy socks and let this moisturising foot mask do all the hard work.

Peaches and Clean – An amazing daily facial wash that smells like a fresh peach, moisturising, luxurious and a little goes a long way.

Clean on Me – A moisturising body wash that smells like sweeties.

Sexy Mother Pucker – A skin tingling lip plumper available in a variety of shades, a fantastic value product that makes your lips look glossy and full.

Slimwear – A skin smoothing balm for rough or dimpled thighs, massage in lovingly after a shower, its cool, minty and refreshing!

Sugar Scrub – Body scrubs are my absolute skincare essential, I exfoliate using this EVERYDAY followed by lashings of the daily smooth, this scrub is zesty and refreshing and I would thoroughly recommend for anyone suffering from lizard legs or dull looking, winter savaged skin!

Check out for all of the above products and many more!! I hope to try out more of the range soon and will let you know my tried and tested favourites!!


Spring Party


It is a difficult time of year to shop, shops are half way between collections, getting a coat is almost impossible and everything still looks a bit drab.  I am here to lend you a helping hand with party garms! I have hand picked the high streets finest for you, some really versatile spring through to summer dresses.

1 Topshop Purple dress £38.00 buy here

2 Dorothy Perkins Arrow head necklace £6.50 buy here

3 Oasis Leona embellished shift dress £70.00 buy here

4 River Island Limited Edition pink lace body con dress £28.00 buy here

5 New Look Black graphic triangle stud earrings £3.50 buy here

6 Oasis Jazzled clutch bag £45.00 buy here

7 New Look Dolcis black sling back peep toe £39.99 buy here